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"Without atmosphere a painting is nothing." 


The steps we take together with the beneficiary, from the first discussions to the delivery of the complete project, are defining in order to generate the desired atmosphere. Therefore, we will ensure that all the following steps are strictly followed to guarantee the quality of services provided by our team.


1.OFFER At first we will communicate by phone and email. We need to discuss budget, styling, contracted teams, timing and execution details. These details will help us determine the degree of complexity of the work so that we can later send you the offer of our services.

2.CONTRACT After accepting our offer, we will proceed directly to the contract. It mentions our services, the time when we commit to start work and, most importantly, the deadline for handing over the complete project.


3.DESIGN REQUIREMENTS We will not develop the project without detailed discussions with you. We will listen to you, to familiarize ourselves and most importantly, to understand your needs regarding your future home or future commercial space. We will intervene in the discussion with the first ideas, based on the accumulated experience, thus generating a brainstorming discussion, in which we will optimize everything for you.

4.CONCEPT From this moment we will do what we know best: we will generate spaces, shapes, we will look for textures, colors, representative elements. These will represent the foundation of the project, and the next stages will go into more and more detail. This is the stage where we're working hard behind the scenes, and we'll let you know about different aspects along the way as needed.


5.3D SIMULATIONS We guarantee that we will manage to make you very impatient before this stage, because it is the most interesting: you will see exactly what your investment will look like. In this phase of the project, you will receive from us the long-awaited 3D simulations. Don't worry, if you want changes we will make a list together with you, and we will resend the simulations with the changes made.

6.PRICELISTS Quantities, surfaces, suppliers, prices and product codes. We will take care in such a way that nothing is missing. Depending on the requirements of the project, we will propose absolutely every decorative element starting from parquet, wallpaper, plinths, up to pillows and curtains. With the help of the quote you will be able to easily order all the products. Also for a fee you will have the possibility to leave the orders in our charge. We will negotiate the best prices for you.


7.TECHNICAL DRAWINGS The last stage is represented by the development of the technical parts for implementation. To give an example, the pieces can be, depending on the project, the following: placing the lights on the ceiling, placing the lights on the walls, outlet plan, switch plan, plumbing plan, room repartition plan, floor covering plan, bathroom stereotomies (bathroom wall covering ), representative sections (stairs, furniture, gypsum boards, decorative profiles, furniture), plans with furniture to order.



Ok then, but what is a turnkey project?!

Turnkey project it means that you will just turn the key in the door. At the beginning a few times and at the end of the contract with us, only once. That is, we take care of everything and you, if we are talking about a home, you will only bring the clothes at the end of the work without any more hassle. Take a look at the images below to see an example.
*we follow all the steps above to ensure that you are not surprised by the style we choose when handing over the home to you.

photo credit: Micșa Ovidiu / ADMO Studio 

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